Teen gets deadly illness from working out too much

HOUSTON (KTRK/CNN) — Many people experience muscle pain and soreness after an intense gym session, but a Texas teen’s workout landed him in the hospital with a life-threatening issue.

Jared Shamburger, 17, got a new gym membership with his family. His dad and older brother have been lifting weights for years.

He felt the need to go hard to “catch up to them,” he said. But after an intense arm workout last week the soreness and swelling weren’t going away.

“It was super-duper sore,” Jared Shamburger said Wednesday. “Everything hurt. It hurt to the touch. It was swollen.”

Judy Shamburger, Jared’s mom, searched the symptoms online. She said she knows that can sometimes cause more harm than good, but this time it paid off.

“The mama bear in me kind of took over and I called the pediatrician and said, I really think my son has rhabdo,” she said.

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