Acting sheriff in Columbus County addresses residents’ concerns

Acting Sheriff In Columbus County Addresses Residents' Concerns
Bill Rogers named new Columbus County Sheriff (Photo: WWAY)

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It has been nearly two months since Columbus County Commissioners named Bill Rogers as acting sheriff, but he’ll be stepping down in five days with sheriff-elect Jody Greene taking office.

Sheriff Bill Rogers was appointed Columbus County’s acting sheriff by county commissioners on October 5, following the suspension of Jody Greene.

On December 5, Jody Greene will be sworn in again as sheriff, beginning his second term in office.

Bill rogers says since taking on the role as acting sheriff he has been trying to rebuild the community’s trust, and praises his deputies.

“I’ve talked to people and the residents, –and like I’ve said everybody just wants to be treated fairly and be treated the same, and I have done that, and my career in law enforcement prior to becoming the sheriff here. So, I interact with a lot of people, and I knew people and so everybody’s come to me and just told me they was praying for me to do a good job, and they thought I was doing a great job was the feedback I’ve got from the community, said Bill Rogers, Columbus County’s acting sheriff.

Sheriff Rogers retired from the North Carolina Highway Patrol just five days before stepping into the role as acting sheriff.

A job that became available when Jody Greene was suspended,  and ultimately resigned, following allegations of racially-charged comments he made in 2019.

Adding to the controversy surrounding the sheriff’s office, Chief Deputy Aaron Herring is suspended without pay until Monday, December 5, the same day Greene will be sworn in.

Sheriff Rogers requested the suspension, but could not speak about personnel issues, but did address concerns the community may have about the sheriff’s office.

“The guys working at this department has nothing to do  with like me as the sheriff or anybody else up the chain. The guys out here doing the job everyday –they’re doing what they’re supposed to do. When it comes to upper management, I mean they’re the guys doing the everyday work. The officers, they’re the ones in the sheriff’s office taking the calls, they’re answering the complaints. So just be willing to be mindful of that. They’re doing their job. The upper chain in command and stuff, you know –they’ve got to follow, but they’re still doing their jobs,” said Rogers.

Rogers will step down on Monday, when Jody Greene begins his second term. Greene won his re-election with more than 54% of the votes.

The district attorney’s office is expected to refile a petition to remove Greene from office. The SBI’s investigation of allegations of obstruction of justice concerning the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office is also ongoing.

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