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Man survives 450-pound bear attack inside home

A bear on a mission for something to eat turned into a home invasion and a scary encounter for one man.

Bear tracks spotted at Hammocks Beach State Park

Park rangers at Hammocks Beach State Park in Swansboro tracked a young black bear across the interior of the island.

North Carolina man, dog bitten during fight with mama bear

A North Carolina wildlife official says a man and his dog were bitten by a black bear that was trying to defend her cub.

Official: Bear bites man, both roll off North Carolina cliff

An attempt to tree a bear in North Carolina has ended with a hunter injured and the bear dead.

NC wildlife officials: Bear found dead, bound

Wildlife officials in North Carolina are investigating what happened to a black bear that was found dead and bound with a rope around its neck.

Video captures bear raiding the fridge as family frantically dials 911

A hungry bear caused some tense moments for a Northern California family after getting trapped inside their house — and making itself right at home.

Man’s car gets ‘hijacked’ by family of bears in Gatlinburg

A close encounter with a family of bears in Tennessee leaves a Kentucky man stunned but thankfully uninjured.

NC woman accused of ‘galling’ crime: Selling bear parts

It’s one of the strangest federal cases we’ve seen: A North Carolina woman is being prosecuted in Charlotte federal court for buying and selling organs from dead bears.

600-pound black bear killed when car slams into it on NC highway

Wildlife enthusiasts are asking drivers to "Be Bear Aware" after a 600-pound black bear was killed when it was hit by a car on Highway 64 in Washington County

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