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Complaint against Olde Towne farm stand, alleged sign thief identified

Town planners and neighbors compromise to maintain farm stand as there is a break in the case of the alleged sign thief.

BCSO: Northwest police officer dies of apparent gunshot wound

A part-time Northwest police officer was found dead of an apparent gun shot wound in Belville Friday evening, according to the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office.

Olde Towne neighbors tired of Farmer’s Market sign thief

The Belville community of Olde Towne says someone has been stealing their Farmer's Market sign over the last several months.

New H2GO board picks chair, begins new majority against RO plant, asset transfer

Jeff Gerken was elected 3-2 to become the new H2GO commission chair.

Belville Town Council meets for first time since H2GO announced transfer

H2GO commissioners will meet Tuesday evening at Leland Middle School for their last meeting of the year.

Work on controversial Reverse Osmosis plant continues

Construction is still happening on the reverse osmosis plant in Brunswick County two days after Leland, Belville and H2Go took their battle to court.
H2GO plantvideo

Battle for H2Go: How we got here

As the battle over the future of H2Go and its plans for a reverse osmosis plant go to court, we break down what's happened over the last several years to get here.

Actions around H2Go frozen, construction on reverse osmosis plant haulted

The battle over the future of H2Go and its plans for a reverse osmosis plant were in a Brunswick County courtroom Wednesday morning. After the judge's ruling many were confused until the judge clarified where things stand for now.

H2Go Board holds special meeting to discuss meeting minutes

After several eventful meetings in the last month, Monday night's H2Go special meeting wrapped without any big decisions.

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