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Battle for H2Go: How we got here

As the battle over the future of H2Go and its plans for a reverse osmosis plant go to court, we break down what's happened over the last several years to get here.

Actions around H2Go frozen, construction on reverse osmosis plant haulted

The battle over the future of H2Go and its plans for a reverse osmosis plant were in a Brunswick County courtroom Wednesday morning. After the judge's ruling many were confused until the judge clarified where things stand for now.

H2Go Board holds special meeting to discuss meeting minutes

After several eventful meetings in the last month, Monday night's H2Go special meeting wrapped without any big decisions.

H2Go holds special meeting, pro-RO commissioners absent

H2Go commissioners met again this week in a special meeting.

Emergency H2GO meeting called in Brunswick County

H2GO Commissioners Trudy Trombley and Jeff Gerken have called for an emergency meeting of the board.
H2Go board members against RO-plantvideo

H2Go drama continues after late-night swearing in, emergency meeting

Clandestine plans and midnight oaths. It's not the actions of a secret society but of the board of the water and sewer provider in northern Brunswick County.
Brunswick County Seal

After Brunswick Co. fires back, Belville clarifies statement on GenX

Brunswick County is firing back against the Town of Belville, saying a statement they released is 'inaccurate and sensationalistic.'

H2Go Board votes in favor to move assets over to Belville

In what began as a heated, crowded, and rowdy meeting to push the continuation of H2Go's reverse osmosis plant by customers, ended in their applause.

Leland plans to fight H2Go transfer to Belville

After the big surprise at last night's H2Go meeting, this morning the Town of Leland held an emergency closed door meeting to figure out what to do.

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