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Human bones found in Harnett County yard ID’d as homeowner

Human bones found in a Harnett County yard earlier this week have been identified as the 52-year-old homeowner.

Remains of 3 people found during renovations at the Alamo

The remains of three people were found at the Alamo amid an archaeological exploration ahead of planned renovations at the site of one of the most famous battles in American history.

Pentagon identifies remains of NYC Marine killed in WWII

Military officials say they've identified the remains of a U.S. Marine from New York City who was killed in a Pacific island battle during World War II.

North Carolina crematory suspended after remains found

North Carolina regulators have suspended a crematory's license after human remains were found at an employee's home earlier this year.

South Florida officers find 2 alligators eating human body

Police in South Florida were called to a gruesome scene: a pair of alligators eating a human body.

Authorities find human remains found in car after 43 years

Investigators following up on leads going back 43 years have found human remains in a 1968 Pontiac recovered from a lake in North Carolina.

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