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West Point probe finds cadets didn’t flash ‘white power’ symbol at game

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point said Friday it concluded after an internal investigation that cadets at the Army-Navy game last week did not flash a "white power" symbol on national television.

Officials: Russian spy ship off SC coast operating in ‘unsafe manner’

A Russian spy-ship has returned to international waters off the southeastern coast of the United States and is operating in what two US officials told CNN is an "unsafe manner."

Military widow gifted free home in Brunswick County

An area military widow gets an early Christmas gift.

Military academies probe possible ‘white power’ sign at game

The U.S. Military Academy and Naval Academy have appointed officers to conduct separate internal investigations into possible “white power” hand gestures flashed by a few students during a broadcast at the Army-Navy football game, academy public affairs officers said Sunday.

NC man pays for military members to fly home for Christmas, others step up

Ed Roshitsh offered to pay for the flights of five service members so they could be with their families for the holidays. That gesture has now inspired others to step up.

4 dead, including shooter, in gunfire at Florida naval base

A shooter opened fire in a classroom building at the Naval Air Station Pensacola on Friday morning in an attack that left four people dead, including the assailant, and multiple people wounded.

Wilmington sailor assigned to USS John F. Kennedy participates in christening ceremony

A Wilmington native assigned to Pre-Commissioning Unit John F. Kennedy will participate in the christening of the U.S. Navy’s second Ford-class aircraft carrier during a ceremony this weekend.

Wife finds creative way to include deployed husband in Christmas photo

A Florida family is without their father this Christmas because he’s serving a deployment with the military as a Black Hawk helicopter pilot.

US Marine charged with illegally flying guns into Haiti

A U.S. Marine caught smuggling guns into Haiti told investigators he wanted to help the country’s military learn marksmanship and defeat “thugs” causing instability in the country, according to a criminal complaint.

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