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Swimming advisory lifted for Bald Head Island, alerts issued in Oak Island

State recreational water quality officials announced today that bacteria levels at swimming sites in Bald Head Island meet state and Environmental Protection Agency standards for swimming and other contact with the water.

Swimming advisories lifted for most NC waters

State officials announced Friday in most coastal rivers and sounds are safe to swim in again following Hurricane Florence. 

Swimming advisory lifted for New Hanover County

Waters off the coast of New Hanover County are safe again for swimming following advisories issued after Hurricane Florence, according to North Carolina Department of Environment Quality.

Swimming alert issued for portion of Pender County sound-side

State regulators have issued swimming alert for a portion of the sound in Pender County.

On the diving board, 95-year-old veteran gives young boy a lesson in courage

The distance between a diving board and the surface of the water can feel like half a body length, especially when it is half a body length.

Former UNCW coach charged with child sex crimes, bond reduced

A former UNCW assistant swimming coach has been charged with sex crimes involving a child.

Swimming alert issued for portion of Holden Beach

The state has issued a swimming alert for one portion of Holden Beach after tests showed high levels of bacteria.

Surfer talks about dramatic water rescue in Emerald Isle

It was caught on video and is now an internet viral video. Three surfers came to the aid of a swimmer caught in a rip current in Emerald Isle.

Black flags posted at NC beach, no swimming allowed

The Town of Pine Knoll Shores issued a black flag no-swimming advisory for all public beach access locations for Friday. That means no swimming is allowed.

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