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Sorority saves the last dance for World War II veteran

Sorority members from the University of Southern Mississippi made the wish of a 92-year-old World War II veteran come true.

Veteran who survived blast receives unusual penis transplant

A veteran who lost his genitals from a blast in Afghanistan has received the world's most extensive penis transplant, and doctors said Monday he is recovering well and expected to leave the hospital this week.

Fort Bragg veteran inaccurately declared dead

81-year-old Charles Covell of Fayetteville was surprised to learn that he had been declared dead by the Veterans Affairs Department last month.

Marine veteran uses family birthdays to win Cash 5 jackpot

Gerald Martin of Midway Park said he had family on his mind when he picked the numbers that won him a $120,427 Cash 5 jackpot.

He built a food pantry in his lawn for the hungry. His town followed

This summer, Roman Espinoza put up what he called a “blessing box” on his lawn. What his small gesture ended up doing is reveal a town’s big heart.

Undercover video shows nurses laughing as WWII vet dies

Two nurses lost their licenses after a TV station persuaded courts to unseal a video secretly recorded by the family of a man who died in their care.

High school students hold funeral for homeless veteran

High school seniors held a funeral for a homeless veteran who died on the streets, and who had no living family members or friends.

Hundreds attend 4th annual fishing festival for disabled veterans

Giving back to veterans and wounded warriors is what Operation North State is all about.

NC Marine Corps veteran wins $10M in scratch-off game

Marine Corps veteran Monte Hukill and his wife Gage are now millionaires thanks to the Extreme Millions scratch-off game.

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