Woman floats dog in container while swimming to rooftop to escape recent Kentucky flooding

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(Photo: Terry Adams Sr.)

WHITESBURG, KY (WWAY) — An amazing story has come out of a disastrous situation in Kentucky.

Record flooding caused by massive amounts of rainfall in a short period of time has destroyed numerous homes and led to the deaths of at least 8 people across the state.

But for one woman and her dog, a more positive outcome unfolded late Thursday in Whitesburg, near the Kentucky and Virginia border.

According to a post by her father on Facebook, Chloe Adams was forced to flee her home as the water rose.

Adams grabbed her dog and put the animal in a container that would float before swimming to a neighboring rooftop.

Her father, Terry, says Chloe waited hours on the roof with her dog until she was rescued.

Unfortunately, the flooding destroyed the Adams’ house.

But her father is choosing to see things in a positive light, calling Chloe a hero.

“We lost everything today,” Terry Adams said on Facebook. “Everything except what matters most.”

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