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Humpday Health: Biking to be healthy

If you're looking for an excuse to get out and enjoy these warm summer days, grab your helmet and hit the road.

Humpday Health: Low-impact exercises

Are you recovering from an injury or looking for a way to get your workout in while not taking a toll on your body? Low-impact exercises may be for you.

Humpday Health: Six-pack abs for summer

When most people think of the perfect beach body, trying to get six-pack abs are a top priority.

HUMPDAY HEALTH: Legs are the base for your whole body

When you consider your body, legs are definitely one of the most important areas to workout and focus on.

Humpday Health: Getting your chest set for summer

This week on Humpday Health we get your chest ready for the summer season.

Humpday Health: Bodybuilding is about a healthy lifestyle

Body building is not new. It started long ago, but today it has grown to be much more.

Humpday Health: Spartan Races are high intensity races for anyone

You may have seen them on TV and that's because Spartan Races are sweeping the nation right now.

Humpday Health: Spin class is a fast, fun workout

Are you looking for a fast paced workout that is fun and will get you into shape?

Humpday Health: Fit Forever class gets people moving at any age

Age is nothing but a number and the folks in the Fit Forever class over at Gold's Gym are proving that week after week as they push themselves to achieve new goals over the age of fifty.

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