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Outdoor fun and fitness offered at Hugh MacRae Park for a good cause

People were invited to soak up the nice weather at Hugh McRae Park with some outdoor fun and fitness, while raising money to improve New Hanover County parks.

Humpday Health: Getting active with Wrightsville Beach Parks and Rec

A perfect place to get some exercise is Wrightsville Beach and the town's Parks and Recreation department has lots of options for you to get involved.

Humpday Health: Getting back in the gym before New Year’s

The holidays are here, that means cooler weather and indulging in food and drink with family and friends. All these factors lead many people to let their gym habits slip through the cracks.

Humpday Health: Skip the gym and head to Zumba class

Class is in session at Karson Reed's DanceFit & Fun in Wilmington. Zumba class, that is, and the air is filled with music and a lot of fun. At just $7 per class, it's a cheap way to burn a few calories without going to the gym.

Humpday Health: Suspension bands great for body weight workouts

While building muscle, it's common to want to work your way up to the heaviest weights possible, but sometimes, your own body can be the best weight to use.

Humpday Health: Gym tools for cardio and weight lifting

Cardio and weight lifting are two of the key exercises that many people do, but a few tools at the gym will allow you to do both at the same time.

Humpday Health: Kiteboarding is a high-intensity, full-body workout

This week in Humpday Health we return to the water for one of the toughest full-body workouts you can get, while having some serious fun while doing it. This is kiteboarding.

Humpday Health: Outrigger canoeing more than just upper body workout

It may look like a scene straight out of the movie Moana, but in Wrightsville Beach, outrigger canoeing is much more than that.

Humpday Health: Bike racing benefits come from training

Last week we told you some of the health benefits of riding a bike, this week we're going to turn things up a notch.

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