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Humpday Health: Get your groove on at Dancin’ In The Park

The YMCA is partnering with NHRMC to bring the beat to the Northside. Dancin' In The Park is all about promoting physical activity and healthy living.

Humpday Health: Tips to help fight pollen allergy symptoms

A Wilmington allergist says it helps to have a plan in place before allergy season starts. But if you don't, there a few things you can do to stop the symptoms.

Humpday Health: 24/7 stroke treatment now available at NHRMC

Patients suffering from stroke and other cerebrovascular emergencies are now covered 24/7 in our area, after NHRMC expanded its endovascular stroke program.

Humpday Health: Walk to combat eating disorders this weekend

Walking to combat what professionals call the deadliest mental illness: eating disorders. That's the cause that people will gather for this Saturday.

Humpday Health: Northside community health kick-off next week

New Hanover Regional Medical Center is partnering with other organizations to help Wilmington's Northside community.

Humpday Health: Drinking wine can provide health benefits

The owner of Noni Bacca Winery says drinking wine can have some positive impacts on your health, unlike other alcoholic drinks like beer or spirits.

Humpday Health: Couples yoga or pilates can be a great Valentine’s Day gift

Instead of the classic Valentine's Day gifts, like chocolate or roses, why not bring your significant other to a yoga or pilates class?

Humpday Health: ‘Goat Yoga’ classes now available in Wilmington

There's a new form of yoga available to people in the Port City, but forget downward facing dog. Why not downward facing goat?

Humpday Health: Becoming healthier with a New Year’s resolution

We checked in with a few people around the Port City to find out what their New Year's resolutions are as 2018 gets going.

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