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Humpday Health: Buying active gifts this holiday season

The newest gadgets from the tech world are sure to be popular gifts this holiday season, but why not consider an active gift?

Humpday Health: Getting back in the gym before New Year’s

The holidays are here, that means cooler weather and indulging in food and drink with family and friends. All these factors lead many people to let their gym habits slip through the cracks.

Humpday Health: Diet tips for holiday party season

December is the prime time for people to get together with their family, friends, or coworkers to celebrate the holidays, but all these parties can be detrimental to your diet.

Humpday Health: Why it’s important to get yourself vaccinated

Doctors all over the country recommend everyone to get vaccinated for diseases like tetanus, measles, and more. However, some people are worried about the perceived side effects of those vaccines.

Humpday Health: Keeping your diet intact this Thanksgiving

Food is a big part of celebrating Thanksgiving. There are some things you can do to keep your diet intact during the holiday.

Humpday Health: Tips to keep your and your kids’ teeth healthy

A nice, clean smile is something many people strive for. The cosmetic benefits are clear, but the health ones may not be so obvious.

Humpday Health: Skip the gym and head to Zumba class

Class is in session at Karson Reed's DanceFit & Fun in Wilmington. Zumba class, that is, and the air is filled with music and a lot of fun. At just $7 per class, it's a cheap way to burn a few calories without going to the gym.

Humpday Health: Time to get your flu shot

The most effective method to keep yourself from getting sick is to get an annual flu shot. Not only is the flu shot important for yourself, it can also help stop the spread of the illness.

Humpday Health: Protecting your child’s teeth this Halloween

Kids are gearing up for the sugar rush that is Halloween next week. So what can you do to protect your children's teeth during the sweet holiday?

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