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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Tag: Meth

Authorities: 37 pounds of meth found in driver’s spare tire

Law enforcement officers who pulled a driver over for a traffic violation in Mississippi say they discovered about 37 pounds of methamphetamine hidden inside a spare tire stashed in the vehicle.

Mobile meth manufacturer gets nearly 10 years in prison

A Wilmington man was sentenced in federal court to nearly 10 years in prison on numerous drug charges. 

NHSO: Trio busted on meth charges at New Hanover County home

Community tips led to three recent drug arrests in New Hanover County, according to sheriff deputies.

Police department offers to test your meth for coronavirus

Police in Wisconsin are encouraging people to turn in meth so they can check it for the coronavirus.

‘Mighty Ducks’ star arrested for meth, burglary

Former child actor and star of “The Mighty Ducks” Shaun Weiss has been arrested after breaking into a car in a garage while under the influence of methamphetamine.

Kentucky police seize air fryer containing 20 pounds of meth

Police in Kentucky confiscated an unusual gift being delivered to a Kentucky man’s home — a package with about 20 pounds of meth that was shipped through the mail inside of an air fryer.

South Dakota launches anti-drug campaign with tagline ‘I’m on meth’

South Dakota’s new anti-meth campaign featuring people of different ages and races saying “Meth. I’m on it” is prompting online guffaws.

Two chemistry professors accused of making meth

Two Arkansas college chemistry professors have been arrested on charges of making meth, in an apparent case of life imitating art.

SC men arrested for trafficking meth in Brunswick County

Two men from Charleston were arrested for distributing methamphetamine in Brunswick County.

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Satellite photos show construction at Iran nuclear site

Since August, the satellite photos show Iran has built a new or regraded road to the south of Natanz toward what analysts believe is a former firing range for security forces at the enrichment facility.

Jon Stewart will be back in the host’s chair for Apple TV+

The Apple TV+ streaming service says Stewart will host an hour-long current affairs series exploring topics of national interest as well as his advocacy work. 

Fitting finale: Dodgers win title, Turner tests positive

Commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed Turner’s positive test moments after presenting the championship trophy to Los Angeles.