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Sergei Foundation opens coastal chapter to help save pets’ lives

The Sergei Foundation is a North Carolina non-profit committed to saving the lives of family pets and is expanding to Brunswick and New Hanover counties.

Veterinarian accused of fatally shooting barking dog

A Louisiana veterinarian was arrested on suspicion of killing her neighbor’s dog because of constant barking, police said.

Oklahoma veterinarian removes 21 pacifiers from dog’s belly

An Oklahoma mother and father couldn't figure out what was happening to their child's pacifiers until the baby's grandmother saw the family dog swipe one off a counter.

Pet owners giving animals bottled water over GenX concerns

As many people are no longer drinking tap water because of GenX, many pet owners are also not giving it to their animals.

As dog flu spreads, are your dogs in danger?

Although flu season has passed for people, it is just now gearing up for man's best friend. There is a new deadly strain of dog flu that is making the virus much more contagious.

Veterinary students from 20 countries become part of Topsail legend

About 100 veterinarian students from 20 different countries got to spend the day on topsail island visiting the sea turtle hospital.

Vet finds 62 hair bands and 8 pairs of underwear inside dog

MARS, PA (AP) -- This hungry Labrador has some unusual taste buds. A Pennsylvania veterinarian retrieved 62 hair bands, eight pairs of underwear and a...

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