Their stories are untold. Often they are stories that do not add up. Stories with missing pieces. Each Monday on Good Morning Carolina, Hannah Patrick is telling their stories in the WWAY series #UNSOLVED. Check back here for extra information on the cases profiled and how you can help investigators and families find answers.

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Annie Anderson
3 days ago
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UNSOLVED: Woman murdered on 84th birthday in Pender County

A woman is looking for answers in her grandmother's death in Pender County. 
1 week ago
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UNSOLVED: Man disappears in 2013; never seen, heard from again

Detectives say it is as if David Cottle walked out of his house one day and just vanished leaving everything behind and his family puzzled. 
3 months ago
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11 years since Allison Jackson-Foy disappeared, still a cold case

The 11th anniversary of Allison Jackson-Foy's disappearance brought her sister back to Wilmington this weekend.
Ronald Conyers Jr.
7 months ago
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Wilmington mother speaks out 10 years after son’s murder

After nearly 10 years, a Wilmington mother is still hopeful police will find her son's killer. Samantha Smith is speaking out for her son Ronald Conyers Jr. who was murdered in 2007.