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Everything you need to know about Real ID

Starting about a year from now on Oct. 1, 2020, travelers in the U.S. will not be allowed through security and onto their flights without flashing a Real ID.

One year from the REAL ID 2020 deadline

Today marks the one-year milestone date that the REAL ID Act will go into effect.

NC hires 10 new driver license examiners to improve service

DMV says it's hiring more examiners to try to improve customer service, along with express lines and dedicated road test teams.

Photo IDs available to NC drivers who lose right to drive

The state Division of Motor Vehicles is now issuing identification cards to North Carolina residents whose driver licenses or permits are suspended or revoked.

More driver license examiners to go to work in NC

North Carolina's Division of Motor Vehicles is adding 14 new driver license examiner graduates to its ranks as it tries to improve customer service.

North Carolina leaders sign off on DMV move out of Raleigh

North Carolina's top elected officials have signed off on moving the state Division of Motor Vehicles headquarters out of Raleigh.

Worker: DMV headquarters move would create difficult choices

A North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles employee says she and others shouldn't be forced to choose between work and family if DMV headquarters moves from Raleigh to Rocky Mount.

N. Carolina DMV closes Asheville office for probe, audit

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles says it has closed a license plate office in Asheville to investigate "possible violations of state law" and audit the office.

DMV attributes long lines to staffing, tech issues, Real ID

North Carolina's DMV chief attributes recent extremely long lines at driver's license offices to staffing and technical issues on top of high customer demand, especially for upcoming "Real ID" requirements.

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