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Trump: All Boeing 737 Max planes grounded ‘immediately’

President Trump announced Wednesday that all Boeing 737 Max planes will be grounded "effective immediately," after the second such deadly plane crash in five months. 

Want to avoid the flu while flying? Try a window seat

Worried about catching a cold or the flu on an airplane? Get a window seat, and don't leave it until the flight is over.

NC man’s unused airline voucher honored almost 20 years later

Have you ever put something away for so long that you even forget it existed? Maybe you’ve found it a week, a month, or just a year later. What if you found it almost 20 years later and realize it’s actually valuable?

Uber partners with NASA ahead of flying taxi project

The tech company has partnered with NASA to help it develop air traffic management systems for its flying taxi initiatives.

Southwest Airlines to provide live in-flight concerts on some flights

The next time you travel on Southwest Airlines, you could be getting some live, in-flight entertainment.

New screenings to start for all US-bound airline passengers

All incoming flights to the United States will be subject to new security screening procedures before takeoff, including both American citizens and foreigners possibly facing security interviews from airline employees.

3 rescued dogs fly first class to new homes

Alfalfarina, Freedom and Fancy. These are three dogs who had the ride of a life time today with the help of some pet lovers.     

Fist-bumping 2-year-old boards airplane to Raleigh in style

This 2-year-old boarded his flight in style as the friendliest passenger on his airplane, fist-bumping people as he walked down the aisle.

Face scans for Americans flying abroad stir privacy issues

If the Trump administration gets its way, all U.S. citizens flying abroad will have to submit to face scans at airport security.

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