Healthy food distributed to food desert areas

Even though we're on the coast, and we talk a lot about rain here. We have deserts in our area, food deserts.

Hurricane Florence victims still displaced

We've been talking about the anniversary of several hurricanes lately, and a year ago it was Hurricane Florence.

“The storm really brought more back” Hurricane Florence victim gains identity back

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of Hurricane Florence.

Meteorologists engage in discussion about Hurricane Floyd

As fresh memories of hurricanes Dorian and Florence continue to linger, we can't forget the history of hurricanes that have already come.

Firefighters honor the 9/11 victims in a memorial ride

If you were in the Wilmington area, you may have noticed several motorcycles jetting down Market Street.

Surf City has Groundbreaking ceremony for new municipal complex

The Surf City Town Council had a Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new municipal complex on highway 210, located directly beside the Publix Super Market at Arboretum.

Hurricane Florence survivors connect at block party

The New Hanover Disaster Coalition had a block party on Castle Street, in downtown Wilmington, to commemorate the one year anniversary of Hurricane Florence.

Port City Proud takes donated items to Hurricane Dorian victims

One Wilmington group is using its influence to restore what Hurricane Florence victims in the Outer Banks lost.

Hundreds volunteer with UNCW, “Wings Up For Wilmington” to Commemorate Hurricane Florence

Saturday is the first anniversary of Hurricane Florence, making landfall in the Cape Fear. UNCW's "Wings Up For Wilmington" is organizing a day of service.

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