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Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Mom to Mom: How to make homemade dog treats

We all love our pets and most of us will reward them with a treat for good behavior, and if you're looking for something new to offer you don't even have to leave your kitchen!

Mom to Mom: Bringing the movie theater to your living room

If you are missing going to the movie theaters with your family during the Covid-19 pandemic, don't worry because we have a perfect solution for you.

Mom to Mom: Simple life hacks

Getting kids organized can be a full-time job for some parents. But we found some tricks and tips, to help make that job a little easier.

Mom to Mom: How to create a chore kit for your kids

Getting children to do chores without complaining can feel like a full-time job in itself. But it doesn't have to be that way, when you add some creative fun to the mix.

Mom to Mom: Creating edible sand

If you've ever lived with a small child-- it's no secret, they love to put things in their mouth.

Mom to Mom: Teacher survival kit

With school starting next week for most children in our area, it's time to think of gifts for teachers. Especially if that teacher is mom or dad during this year's learn-from-home start for many students.

Mom to Mom: 3 tips to help your teen relax

From pandemic to power outages, it's no secret children of all ages are feeling a lot of stress this summer.

Mom to Mom: Creating a Tooth Fairy pillow

One of the big joys of having little ones is how excited children get whenever they lose a tooth, and the Tooth Fairy comes to visit.

Mom to Mom: Testing the ‘Ove Glove’

With many of us staying home due to the coronavirus the past few months we might be doing a lot more cooking in the kitchen, which means you want to stay safe in the kitchen.

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ISS resupply rocket launch will be visible in North Carolina tonight

People in North Carolina, including the coast, looking skyward will catch a glimpse of the rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station.

FEEDING FRENZY: Watch as sharks feed on baitfish at Surf City Pier

We all know sharks live in the ocean, but it's neat to capture them on camera. 

Authorities use pear to entice, capture escaped emu

Authorities in a city north of Boston have captured an emu after the large flightless bird was spotted roaming local streets.

CCSO: Detective fires shots to stop fugitive driving toward them in stolen truck

A man is behind bars after he stole two trucks and led authorities on a chase in Columbus County, according to the sheriff's office.