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Proposed cat declawing ban passes New York Legislature

New York's Legislature passed a bill Tuesday that would make the state the first in the U.S. to make it illegal to declaw a cat.

Charlotte family reunites with their pup after 8 trying days in Brunswick Co.

After a terrible car crash, the Williams family's dog, Ivy, escaped in Leland. She is back with her family now.

Dog disease that can be passed to humans confirmed in Iowa

Officials say a dog disease that can be passed to humans has been confirmed in Iowa.

Carolina Beach town leaders support specific pigs as pets

Town council members denied the change in the end and said the issue should stay between landlords and tenants to resolve or if need be, animal control. 

Bill would allow pets inside NC breweries with taprooms

It changes state health laws to allow breweries that have taprooms to allow pets in their tasting rooms.

Pot-bellied pigs may soon be unwelcome house pets in Carolina Beach

Most people stick with traditional pets like dogs, cats and birds, but some folks in Carolina Beach would prefer to go bold with a Vietnamese "Pot-bellied" pig.

Man dies after going into burning house to save dog

Investigators say a Maine man died when he returned to a burning house to get his dog.

Terminally ill dog completes final adventure on bucket list

The story of a special dog that touched the hearts of many has shared one final adventure.

Dog food recalled for elevated vitamin D

There's a recall of some brands of dog food that have too much vitamin D, which could make your pet sick.

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