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Tregembo Animal Park opens back up their doors for summer

The doors are opened back up at the Tregembo Animal Park in Wilmington. Last Saturday was the first day of the summer season for the park and people were itching to get outside after being cooped up for weeks with the coronavirus pandemic.

Chimpanzee on the loose in Texas, harassing people and dogs, reports say

A chimpanzee is on the run in Texas and not letting anyone get in its way, officials said on Tuesday.

Zoo euthanizes flamingo hit by rock thrown by child

Officials at a zoo in Illinois had to euthanize a flamingo after it was struck by a rock thrown by a child.

Zookeeper hospitalized after tiger attack at Kansas zoo

City officials say a tiger mauled a zookeeper at the Topeka Zoo in northeastern Kansas.

Woman says she distracted jaguar after attack at Arizona zoo

A woman on a trip to an Arizona zoo with her son and grandchildren reacted swiftly when a jaguar attacked another visitor who had crossed a barrier to take a selfie with the wild animal.

Visually impaired sea lions join group at New Orleans zoo

A pair of visually impaired 2-year-old sea lions has joined the four sea lions already at the zoo in New Orleans.

Oklahoma zookeeper accused of killing 5 tigers, selling cubs

A former Oklahoma zookeeper and candidate for governor already accused in a murder-for-hire plot has been indicted on 19 new counts accusing him of killing tigers and selling tiger cubs.

Private zoo visitors hurt as tree falls on sightseeing cart

At least three visitors to a private zoo in North Carolina are receiving emergency treatment after a large tree toppled in windy conditions onto a passing sightseeing wagon.

NC Zoo’s first gorilla dies at age 50

Zoo officials say Ramar was the sixth-oldest western lowland gorilla in a North American accredited zoo population.

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