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Railroad sues over millions of rail ties it calls defective

One of the nation's largest railroads must replace millions of defective wooden railroad ties on its tracks because they're degrading faster than expected, the company said in a federal lawsuit.

Port introduces ‘Queen City Express’ rail service

Intermodal rail service returns to the Port of Wilmington next week. The ports and CSX will begin a daily rail service between Wilmington and Charlotte.

City holds public input meeting on potential rail realignment

The City of Wilmington held a public input meeting Wednesday about the possibility of moving the CSX rail line from Wilmington to Brunswick County.

Historical marker to honor Atlantic Coastline Railroad

Wilmington's railroading past will be honored with a historical marker this weekend.

North Carolina police: Train kills woman crossing track

A North Carolina police chief says a woman was hit and killed by a train while walking across railroad tracks.

#TBT: Atlantic Coast Line Railroad

For nearly 70 years, the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad was a big part of industry here in Wilmington, North Carolina. From 1900 to 1967 the ACL was a US Class I railroad, meaning $250 million or more annually.

Wilmington looks for proposals on rail realignment

The City of Wilmington is moving forward with its research on the possibility of moving the rail line that winds through the city.

Money holds up connection between Asheville, Amtrak service

An official with the N.C. Department of Transportation says the need for a funding source appears to be the key obstacle to providing bus service between Asheville and the Amtrak passenger station in Salisbury.

Love Grove holds meeting to discuss additional access

Love Grove residents held a community meeting today to celebrate the bridges they have crossed and the possibility of a new access bridge to their community.

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