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For the fourth year, families and friends gather to remember loved ones lost to...

For four years now Wilmington Faiths Against Gun Violence has held the vigil to shed light on the issue of gun violence nationally while giving families a moment to remember and pray for their lost loved ones.

Mother of Sandy Hook victim talks mental health, shares message

School shootings have swept our nation in recent years, raising questions about the safety of our children.

March held after series of deadly shootings in NC city

Six people died in four separate incidents. Investigators are trying to determine if the shootings are connected and if gang activity might be involved.
Church Safety Seminarvideo

Churches receive tips from law enforcement on safety

Churches keep their doors open for new visitors. But what happens if that person poses a threat? The Bladen County Sheriff's office teamed up with Leland police to talk about church safety.

‘Culture of Violence’: 17 homicides in Wilmington so far this year

Wilmington Police say 17 people have been murdered. They say while some of these incidents are random acts of violence, others are planned over time.

Hillary Clinton meets with moms whose children died in shootings

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton met with a group of mothers whose African-American children died in gun shootings. Clinton shared the...

Youth violence is a ‘crisis’ in Wilmington

videoCity Manager Sterling Cheatham presented a report on reducing youth gun violence in Wilmington Tuesday after hosting several forums over the winter for the report. Cheatham said they found the youth often lack family structure, good education and meaningful jobs.

Community leaders search for solutions to gun violence

videoLess than one month after the end of a 90-day cease fire initiative, shootings continue in the Port City. Just minutes after a news conference by the city and county yesterday on fighting gang violence, more shots were fired. So again, community leaders are stepping up, speaking out, and trying to make a difference by stopping the gun violence.

Chief says witness list caused spike in violence

video Monday Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous revealed what the department believes is behind the crime wave in the Port City. Chief Evangelous said a list of people who have talked to investigators got into the hands of gang members and caused the uptick in violence.

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