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3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment last week

More than three million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week, raising to more than 42 million the number of workers who have lost jobs since the coronavirus crippled the economy.

North Carolina transportation department furloughs employees

The North Carolina Department of Transportation has told its employees to take unpaid time off until the end of June to help the department save money as part of cost-cutting measures during the coronavirus pandemic.

Another 3.8 million Americans filed for jobless benefits last week

Another 3.8 million U.S. workers filed for unemployment insurance benefits last week, bringing the total number of Americans who have sought jobless aid since March to at least 30 million.

North Carolina tech company to create close to 1,200 new jobs

A North Carolina company that sells software to technology firms for voice and message applications plans to create nearly 1,200 jobs in the state over the next eight years.

Biltmore Estate temporarily shutters, furloughs workers

The Biltmore Estate in North Carolina is furloughing 2,200 employees after temporarily closing its doors because of the coronavirus outbreak.

North Carolina hospitality industry says 370K out of work

North Carolina's restaurant and hotel operators are pleading for state financial aid and tax deadline relief as closings and reduced travel from the new coronavirus have thrown over 370,000 employees out of work.

Jobless claims surge to record 3.3 million

An unprecedented number of Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week as the coronavirus shuttered businesses nationwide.

Here are 700,000 open jobs that need to be filled immediately

Millions of Americans are already losing their jobsĀ as theĀ coronavirus spreads across the U.S. and wreaks havoc on the economy.

Walmart to hire 150K temp workers as consumers stock up

Walmart plans to hire 150,000 temporary workers to keep up with demand from shoppers who are stocking up during the coronavirus pandemic.

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