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EXTRAORDINARY PERSON: A restauranteur with ‘chops’

videoIf you've ever gone for lunch downtown, you probably have seen one of the most recognizable faces in Wilmington.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Creating the perfect Azalea Festival hat

video Azalea Festival week brings live music, exceptional gardens, historical homes and of course, plenty of those beautiful flowers. But for the ladies, having a great hat to make their outfit complete is an absolute must. Many folks turn to milliner Jan Wutkowski. "I think a hat is the exclamation point to a person's personality," Wutkowski said.

Pastor using second chance at life to promote safety in schools

video A local pastor is taking on violence in schools through a new, children's album. Pastor Yushonda Midgette-Spriggs says she's been given a second chance at life and she wants to make a difference. Midgette-Spriggs has always loved to dance and entertain, but her passion for performing was crippled after a near fatal crash in 1996.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Woman scores big on soccer field

video She's got the kicks of a superstar and the medals to prove it. Kimberley Crabbe was the first African American to play on the U.S. Women's soccer team and that's just the beginning of her athletic success.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Woman creates ‘katchy’ invention

video Inside a Whiteville home, one woman spends her days brainstorming and testing ideas for her latest inventions. Anne Wheeler has been an innovator of baby products and now she's hoping to succeed in other markets. Today, two-year-olds Ellie and Chloe are using Wheeler's invention, the Katchit Tray, designed to cut down on kids' messes.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: CFCC student excels in academics, volunteership

video Cape Fear Community College student Malik Abdul-Rashid says he believes if he works hard enough, he can accomplish his greatest dreams. On an average day, you can find Malik walking from class to class on the CFCC campus. But in a short conversation with him, you'll discover he's no average student. With wisdom beyond his years, Malik says people should be thankful for every moment.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Raising quintuplets

video Any parent can tell you having their first baby comes with challenges. Now, imagine that times five. Carmen and Mike Matthews say raising their quintuplets is all about routine. They are this week's extraordinary people next door..

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Grief counselor turns words of comfort into poetic prose

video She’s a grief counselor turned author. Katherine Roberts Moore of Ocean Isle Beach turned her words of healing into poetic prose. In the world of words, Katherine finds herself right at home. Influenced by her mother's love for vocabulary, ideas and imagination run wildly through Katherine’s head and flow straight to her pen. It lights a fire in her soul.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Former drug dealer aims for second chance

video Petey Powell, 38, grew up on Red Bug Road, in the small town of Hallsboro. He remembers his dad doing whatever he could to keep his family out of poverty but was eventually lured by the money he could make in dealing drugs. Petey was just a little boy when he drugs became a regular part of his life.

Cheerleader faces paralysis, tumbles to another national championship

video She’s a tiny athlete with one heck of a talent. Taylor Reece, 11, has been jumping, flipping and spinning since the tender age of five. By age 10, she was even a national champion. But her high-flying success came to a screeching halt last May.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Young artist finds inspiration in nature

video For some people, it takes them years to find their true passion life. That's not the case for Britt Harrison. The 24-year-old finds her joy in painting unique works of art. Among the nature in the backyard of the beach home where Harrison lives, one will find brush strokes and a young woman full of artistic expression.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Husband, wife aim to restore lives through food and shelter

video One man's mission to reach out to the homeless and hungry in our community has developed into a full-time ministry. Rick Stoker has teamed up with his wife LeeAnna to impact lives for the better.

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